Welcome to the Breeder Directory page of the Russian Tsvetnaya Bolonka Club of America (RTBCA). Begun in October 2010, the  MemberBreeder Directory page of the RTBCA is a critical component to having created  and continues to maintain an official registry inthe United States. Beginning immediately listing your kennel on the RTBCA member's Breeder Referral page . It is via subscription( subject to annual renewal. )  To be listed, please send the registered name of your dog, dogs NATBC OR  AKCFSS registration number and the  dog's breeder and dog's owner.  The BREEDER REFERRAL PAGEdoes require that the RTBCA have a current membership application on file. The membership application is available from the DOWNLOADABLE FORMS Please note that there is no proration eg if someone wants to subscribe in December of the year, it is still $15. When it is completed it should be sent to:
Robbie Sternlict
2712 Bennington Rd
Fayettville, NC 28303
The RTBCA makes no warranty or guaranty about the breeder or puppies from the breeder and, as always, the prospective bolonka owner should have done considerable research and be prepared to ask the breeder about a sales contract, guarantees and health testing. Additionally, the RTBCA strongly recommends that eyes and patellas be checked by qualified veterinarians.

Faireland Tsvetnaya Bolonkas
Email: faireland1@gmail.com
Faireland Havanese
South Carolina
Name:Patt McRae
Ahavapicaro Bolonkas
Email: ahavapicaro@yahoo.com
Phone: 803-568-8842
Website: http://www.debbysbolonkas.com
Email: info@debbysbolonkas.com

Debby Buse
Kalapotapoo Farms
Website: www.frr-babies.com
Email: sandeea@me.com

Bolonka Bliss
Cell 706-975-1127
Home 706-648-6801
Kathy Reifsnyder
Web Site: www.celebritybolonkas.com
Email: lnk.2@netzero.com

Mark Kolbe
Website:        www.russiantsvetnayabolonka.com
Email: markkolbe951@verizon.net

Bolonka Treasures
Kindred Bolonkas
Email: kkbolonka@gmail.com